Council has to be open

DURING THE election the Conservatives wrote in their report in the Evening News that they were transparent and accountable. Well let’s see if that is true.

I went to the council meeting where the Council Leader was elected, and Cllr Billing asked that this be a recorded vote. In order for this to happen eight councillors had to stand up. Out of all the councillors there this was not achieved and not one Conservative stood up. Had this happened then this would have proved that councillors believe in openness which is something that I believe in strongly. I strongly believe that this council must become more open and transparent with more meetings held in public rather than behind closed doors, and that all votes should be held in public. I also believe that Councillors should be willing to have recorded votes, as the people should know how their councillor has voted on any issue.

The councillors at this meeting had an ideal opportunity to start their new term more open but blew it. I say congratulations to the councillors who stood up for the recorded vote, as they obviously believe in more openness.

It is only if we get more openness and transparency that people will once again begin to trust our councillors, and just maybe we will get a better turn out at election time.

Malcolm Short

Murchison Street