Council must have a pay facility in town

RE: Scarborough’s Town Hall move to be discussed,

“While no final decision has been made, it is understood the former Scarborough Building Society headquarters, near Morrisons, has been earmarked as a potential new home for Scarborough Council. The move would free up the Town Hall for redevelopment by a private company, possibly alongside the Futurist and King Street sites”.

A case of not if but when I would suggest.

It has been/is simply a case of legitimising the move. Scarborough Building Society Headquarters has been the preferred option from the day it was vacated.

The former headquarters has been mooted around the town for at least two years now and I am led to believe a number of departments from the Town Hall looked round the building well over a year ago for suitability.

Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet states there needs a £1.7 million IT upgrade and the best means of getting that is to move. Further suggesting that Scarborough Borough Council BC Headquarters would have all those facilities in place ready to reconnect.

The one thing that is paramount if such a move is made, provision must be made accessible to offices in the town for people to pay in what they can now at the Town Hall. For the Town Hall staff, it means setting off earlier for work that’s all.

The end product is this current council in the main want to get rid of the Futurist and land back to King Street and across the road to include the Town Hall.

This is one way of doing it.

Then the old building society headquarters can be purchased as there is no money left in the council’s coffers.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue