Council must keep green space

Letter to Jim Dillon, Chief Executive, Scarborough Borough Council, and Robert Goodwill MP.

I was extremely surprised and very disappointed to see that the borough council is proposing to sell off the Moor Lane open space for housing. I served the people of Newby and Scalby for 19 years, during which time we surveyed the entire borough to ensure that open space and recreational land was retained for the benefit of the community. The ‘Right to Play’ document was approved and adopted as council policy. It remains council policy.

Quoting from the Scarborough Borough Local Plan, which remains in force: “R3 SF4 3. Newby is deficient in sports facilities. The one available major area of undeveloped open space consists of Moor Lane and Linden Road public open spaces separated by the Scalby School playing fields. There is the potential for the development of Moor Lane as a dual-use facility to meet the needs of the Newby community and to include tennis and bowling facilities, an all-weather sports facility, a play centre and sports pitch. The equipped play area and the informal space at Linden Road would be retained and improved, and footpath and informal links between Moor Lane and Linden Road open spaces would be improved.”

None of these aspirations has materialised as yet, but at least the open space remains in readiness and is very well-used informally.

I am appalled to find that council policy can so easily be cast aside in a manner which destroys forever the possibility of public use of the only remaining bit of open land in Newby. Just who does the council think it is representing?

Jean Greenan

The Park, Scalby