Council on the move

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IT IS now some time since we all received instructions from the council regarding new arrangements for paying council tax after April 1.

Now suddenly an offer of £3m has appeared for the town hall with a ‘now or never’ clause attached, that it be accepted immediately or lost. These two details would imply that it is a ‘done deal’ and even if the decision is deferred until July I would lay bets on what the result will be, unless the people of Scarborough rise up in protest at this desecration of our heritage.

I would also point out that if the council is situated well out of town as has been suggested, and many people are without transport, this will mean few of the public will be able to attend ’public’ meetings, and voice their opinions on matters of the town.

This will probably make no difference to anything, as the public are never listened to.

Rosemary J Barstow

Holbeck Avenue