Council out of touch

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AM I ALONE in thinking North Yorkshire County Council has lost sight of its reason for being and is out of control and out of touch with reality? Possible library closures are one example. I propose a course of action!

1 We express our total lack of confidence.

2 We ask competent members of the community prepared to put the needs of the community first to come forward for election. Party politics have facilitated the failures we need to remedy.

3 We need to build and maintain a close working relationship between the council and the communities whose needs are to be served, affording the community ever.

4 The councils must cut back the hugely excessive costs of running themselves and get back to their prime purpose of providing high quality essential services to the community.

5 The councils must cease activities that are peripheral to their prime purpose and allow others to take on roles they are more suited to.

If you would like to help make this happen please email at

Anthony J Macaulay

Burnmoor Crescent