Council should reverse decision on buying iPads

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re ipads for the councillors of Scarborough.

Our councillors already have laptop computers provided by the council tax payers, where are they?

The UK is in the mire and everyone in work is taking cuts in income, cuts in services, cuts in jobs, and everything around us such as food, fuel, rents, mortgages, utilities like gas, water, electric and public transport going up and up in price, so why does this council vote to give themselves a luxury item paid for by the council tax payers ?

To me, and others like me, something doesn’t add up, unless buying these iPads will lead to job losses at the Town Hall on admin thus the saving, which is not good.

One of the many things I don’t understand is why our council did not ask the very people of Scarborough and the Borough of Scarborough for their opinion on should they go ahead or not purchasing iPads and then come to a meeting at the Town Hall to decide, but no they did not.

Please forgive me but are these councillors elected to represent the views of their constituents? Has this been lost once they are elected and power goes to their heads?

Scarborough Borough Council had to back down to the proposed rise in council tax, due to central government’s stance; Scarborough Borough Council had to back down on the proposal to charge people for parking on the Marine Drive in winter; and we have just started 2012 with costs over the disposal of a tree at Irton?

I think the council should reverse its decision on buying iPads.

No wonder they get a tarnished image.

Please, please Scarborough Borough Council, get into the real world.

John Large

Shire Croft