Council work must be at fixed price

RE; HIGH cost consultants and firms etc

This problem can be laid at the feet of our inept councillors and some senior members of our council departments.

Many moons ago, I was a builder, and I got council contracts for bringing houses up to a good standard, that it was said previously, would be demolished and new housing built on the sites.

The main area of work, I and my friends won the contracts for, was in the Clark Street and Durham Street area, with each property needing different things, ie bathrooms, internal WCs, dampcourse treatment, electric and gas supplies improvements.

I myself had a good rapport with the planning department and building inspectors etc, but more importantly I worked for fixed price tenders.

Today, when large firms put in low prices, to get the job, they claim more money, as the job goes on, which our councillors accept. It’s not their money so why not pay up?

If we in fact, need these outside firms and consultants, why do we employ in our Town Hall, planning, building and works departments?

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road