Councillors are just town’s guardians

LET me start by saying that our current council members do not own the Town Hall building so are in no position to sell it.

They are merely guardians, guardians by definition means “A defender, protector or keeper”. What on earth gives these self-righteous, egotistical, so-called public figures the right to believe it’s theirs to sell?

Jim Dillon says it is too expensive to keep; old buildings generally are but you are paying for history here and believe me it’s worth it. Mr Dillon goes on to say the deal has to be accepted by the end of the month. Why? Why the rush?

He also states it will be a catalyst for development of the Town Hall and Futurist sites, bringing growth, new jobs and expenditure into town. Let me say sir that North Street development will do all that and more, it is also ready to begin and has been for quite a while, and it will cost council taxpayers nothing whatsoever!

Perhaps the council’s ideas on developing the Futurist and Town Hall sites are the reason Nicholas Shaw Ltd (a local family firm) have not been allowed to begin work already.

Perhaps if our local council members took time to look at the North Street development plans submitted, which includes a much-needed multiplex cinema, they would realise a good thing when it’s staring them in the face.

Richard Walters

Easby Hall, Scarborough