Councillors don’t want the public to be in the know

FIRST of all many thanks for my lovely pen and pencil set, it will be very useful for me, but it was quite unexpected, I will make good use of it.

The new-look Evening News with its blue Story Extras and invites to people like me to have their say is absolutely great. Well done.

With the council we have at the present time, it is difficult to know what is happening in our town and country areas.

I personally don’t think our elected councillors want Joe Public to know what they are up to. The only two departments that deserve our gratitude are garden and refuse departments. We pay their wages etc, so we should know all that is decided. Further to this, I do not think it’s right to have more than one member of a family elected to the council, as depending on who is strongest in a family, one councillor will have two votes on matters arising.

A proper town council should have people from all walks of life as councillors.

Town hall parking and other perks should be paid for at the same prices that voters have to pay.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road