Councillors: just what do they do?

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I refer to your editorial of January 3. I thoroughly agree with your comments.

Being 75 years of age this month, I remember when councillors thought it an honour to be elected, and yes they worked hard to run our town.

The number of councillors is not necessary. If they are necessary at all.

They kid themselves that they are essential and worthy of a great amount in wages and expenses, not true, they are not needed.

Our council heads of departments do what is required very well, I think.

The only person on our council that may be necessary is the mayor.

I don’t know what so-called pay and expenses are paid to councillors but I do know it is an unnecessary expense for our rate payers, some of who are struggling themselves financially to makes ends meet.

So what does the paid-up councillor do? In real terms, nothing!

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road