Councillors should note public opinion

FOR SOME weeks now, I have been reading reports and articles in this paper regarding decisions made on our behalf by the planning committee at Scarborough Borough Council. Building in Scalby, Tesco in Dean Road, housing in Cayton and Middle Deepdale to name only a few.

I attended a planning meeting that considered the application to build houses off West Garth in Cayton, and at this meeting, one councillor suggested as the committee had passed a housing plan for Scalby a few days before, therefore they should pass the application for Cayton.

No interest in whether or not the site was suitable just, ‘We passed one we should pass the other!’

It’s a good job the application was not for building houses on the beach as this would have been passed using that argument. I invited the committee to visit the Cayton site and see for themselves why the site is totally unsuitable for housing.

Cayton residents are not against development per se, but we are against development on the West Garth site. So far as I know, only one member of the planning committee has visited West Garth. Perhaps the rest don’t know where the proposed site is except that it is many miles from where they live.

We know that Scarborough Borough Council will receive hundreds of thousands of pounds by allowing Tesco to build yet another supermarket - this time in Dean Road. We also know that the majority of residents do not want this despite the report by some interested party that 70% of Scarborians want Tesco there.

Our planners blew several million pounds on a park and ride system that was designed to keep traffic out of the town centre and now they want a supermarket on Dean Road. So take note, members of Scarborough Borough Council planning committee. Many people are wondering just why and how you come to approve some planning applications. The masses are aware that elections are due soon, are you?

John D Milligan

Vice Chairman

Cayton Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens, Cayton