Councillors should see bigger issues

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I AGREE with Roxanne Murphy that the site for the Seamer Horse Fair has indeed now been fixed and is established on the site originally chosen by our local councillors in 2007. It took three years and the chaos of 2009 before the council, under new control, was prepared to act. Incidentally, I believe Mr Dore forgot to include in his letter the costs, and wastes, of preparing the three other sites, the last of which was Stoney Haggs Road before a sense of realism prevailed.

I would be much more inclined to consider as a suitable candidate someone who had views and policies on the wider issues that affect the whole of Scarborough. The town has won the accolade of Most Enterprising, but has this been exploited properly? Why are our new business parks empty? What is the future for fishing in Whitby, Filey and Scarborough and what priority should the new council give to this industry? Has the decision to build a super-sized Tesco any relevance to existing retailers? Where will the provision of youth support work figure in the priorities of the new council? How should services and resources be shared between the town and the rural communities? What priority should be given to social housing and affordable housing as opposed to second homes?

Being a councillor involves much more than the micro-management of a single local issue.

Bob Jackman

Brierley Road