Councils need to unite to protect village

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IN the wake of the Irton Beech fiasco surely we should now ask ourselves why the county and local council need to employ full-time lawyers, who waste our resources waging expensive wars with each other when they should be fighting together to protect our environment, our conservation areas and our tree preservation orders from the whim of property developers.

On the occasions when either of our councils require legal advice, why don’t they simply hire it in from a private law firm, after all they are not shy when it comes to employing private consultants to do their work for them.

It is also a mystery to me how the county council managed to spend a further £20,000 and then blame this on the protesters, while the protesters where actually doing their job for them enforcing the tree preservation order.

As it turned out the news coverage the protesters generated was worth far more in publicity for the area by showing there is living, breathing and thinking life North of Watford, despite Councillor Dadds’ pitiful public display, where he was even unable to pronounce the name of the village of Irton correctly.

If nothing else, surely this incident will hasten the demise of North Yorkshire County Council and its moribund suppression over the vitality of our town. We may never be trusted to look after our own schools, hospitals, roads and police forces etc, but we should at least be able to fight to look after our own trees from now on.

John Hobson

Westbourne Park