Councils: Who will foot grass-cutting bill now?

Who will pick up the bill for grass-cutting in Scarborough town?

The county council has withdrawn the funding it gives to parish councils for grass-cutting. Consequently many of them have raised their parish precept dramatically to cover this cost (Scarborough News, March 26).

However, Scarborough town is “unparished”, ie it does not have a town council. So who will now foot the bill for grass-cutting in the town area?

Will taxpayers in the parishes with a parish council be paying twice over – to have their own grass cut and also for Scarborough town?

Isn’t it time that Scarborough town residents took responsibility, established their own town council, levied their own precept and contributed at least something towards such town services, rather than subjecting the rest of us to double taxation?

Far too often our borough council seems to act primarily as a council for Scarborough town, to the detriment of the outlying areas and the borough as a whole.

Cllr Nina Sheeran

Bridlington Street