Couple saved my dog after fireworks terror

The evening was beautiful, so after work I collected my dog to take her on the south beach for a walk. I took my mum to see the lovely full moon and mum sat in the car while I went on the beach with Ellie, my labrador/collie. It was after 5pm and dark but the beach is really well lit up by good lighting.

We were enjoying playing with a ball and I took a photo of the moon shining on the languid sea.

Just then a firework rose high in the night sky, directly above us, it lit up and exploded, causing my poor dog to bolt in the sea, then another firework went up, cracking a loud piercing sound.

Instead of my dog running to me she bolted towards the road. I ran calling her name but she was not listening, she was looking for the safety of my car. She ran across the road to check another car, missed by a passing vehicle. I feared the worst as my legs could not get me quickly enough to her. I then saw two people get out of their car, they immediately realised the situation and they managed very gently to coax Ellie to calm and stop.

I would like to thank this couple from the bottom of my heart, they saved a dangerous situation.

I am afraid I did not get their names as I was upset and pretty shaken. I did thank them in my haste as I put Ellie’s lead on but I wish now I had said more. Through your paper, I would be grateful if you could pass on this message, because if not for them my dog may not be laying at my feet asleep now.

Thank you.

Christine Bernard

Ryndle Walk