Court case: Shocked that dog would be destroyed

Having read your article regarding ‘Dog ban for man who punched his pit bull in the face’ (Scarborough News, June 26), I would like to make the following observations.

Kai was not a fighting dog and was not stated as such in court (see note below). In the court it was stated that Kai had no issues with temper and had successfully passed every temperament test which I doubt would apply with a fighting dog.

My understanding of the case after being present in the court at the time was that her fate would be decided over the next two months as there would be a further examination of the case to decide if Kai could be allowed to live with Mr Smith’s grandparents.

I found it quite shocking and upsetting to read in the newspaper that it had been decided that Kai should be destroyed, when it had not been decided in the court on the day.

I believe that in general the reporting was fairly accurate but not in the above mentioned instances.

Mrs SA Smith

The Green


Editor’s note: The dog was referred to as a “fighting dog” by the court which said it will be destroyed.