Court report: Comments unwarranted

Re Nathan Smith (Scarborough News, March 27).

The article concerning the issue of Nathan and his dog was blown out of all proportion. For instance, I’m sure Nathan’s mode of attire can be of no interest to your readers and quite irrelevant to the court case that has not yet been held.

I was at the preliminary hearing with Nathan who was dressed in decent casual wear, like most of today’s youth, and was unaware that he was being photographed at an unflattering angle.

Nathan’s family is under a lot of strain over this case and its outcome and can well do without the unwarranted comments by an over-zealous report.

There is a lot of love in the town for Nathan and his dog (contrary to what has been reported).

You only have to log on to Facebook under the heading ‘Nathan Smith Get Kai Back’ to verify this.

Recently you printed an article about dogs that are being put to sleep because they’re not wanted.

Well, Kai is wanted and waiting to come home.

Margaret Smith,

Nathan’s grandmother

Westwood Road