Criminals are copping it

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As a relative newcomer to Scarborough (having moved here six years ago) I have been surprised and impressed by the prompt and efficient service, we receive from our local Police Force, particularly when it comes to responding to serious incidents.

Tuesday’s Evening News was a fine example of what a dedicated team of crime-busters we have in our midst courtesy of two un-related reports.

The front page headlines told of a woman’s fear after being threatened with a handgun during an attempted robbery at a Scarborough filling station.

That this should happen on garage premises so close to the town centre is indeed frightening.

This terrifying raid took place at 3.20am on Sunday morning. Not exactly the time of day you would expect to have a squad of policemen available but according to your report officers were mobilised immediately.

And thankfully, a short time later, two young men were arrested with the gas mask one of them had been wearing and handgun also recovered.

Having mentally congratulated our local bobbies, I then discovered, on turning to an inside page, that just 24 hours earlier police also managed to track down two youths suspected of committing a series of burglaries in Scarborough.

Officers were called to Overdale, Eastfield at 3.50am on receiving a report that a shed had been broken into and a lawnmower taken. Not exactly the crime of the century, you might think.

But with the aid of a police dog the suspected culprits were traced to another property in Eastfield. And just 35 minutes following the call-out two youths were arrested on suspicion of three burglaries and going equipped for theft.

That’s what I call instant value for taxpayers money!

Mrs B. Hare

Mountside Apartments