Crying foul over park rangers cut

RE: THE threat of losing our Parks Ranger service.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Stuart Swan (Independent candidate for Falsgrave ward).

I was the previous contracted dog warden to Scarborough Council (October 2007 to October 2009), and I met up with and assisted the park rangers regularly if they reported dog nuisances, and those two hard-working, lovely men deserve all the support of every one of us Scarborough residents.

I am still unemployed since being made redundant in 2009, when the council recreated its own dog warden service.

The amount of dog mess on grass verges in our town and on our pavements has increased. I made frequent regular patrols in my white and orange ‘animal wardens’ dog warden van and problems were few and far between on my watch.

The two park rangers knew my distinctive van and always waved at me to stop and join them and together we would occasionally patrol jointly and stop and talk to the public.

The public loved us. They occasionally invited me to show a presence in local parks when they were helping local school parties in Falsgrave Park etc.

If this council does away with the park rangers, then it will have a lot of angry people to deal with, me being one of them.

There is a lot of dog fouling in and near my street and I have reported it several times. Where are the current dog warden patrols?

Save our park rangers!!

Ms Teri Brown

Elders Street