Cutbacks: Join the fight now to save your library

The library consultation process in North Yorkshire haunts us again, from Scarborough to Skipton, from Stokesley to Selby – across Ryedale, Hambleton, Harrogate - the whole magnificent library system (over 30 libraries) is threatened with near-annihilation.

Details of this proposal can be found in the libraries (hard copies); the North Yorkshire County Council website; and at (Save North Yorkshire Libraries is a website for all people across North Yorkshire to register their comments and more).

The scheme put up by the county council would take away many smaller libraries (who jointly offer a vital resource for the huge area that is North Yorkshire) and completely remove support in any meaningful sense to the ordinary reading public.

Our libraries offer people the chance to study, to learn, to use computers under proper supervision, to have access to properly arranged selections of books.

These activities are part of what it is to be human, with many social aspects. I have recently seen young people coming straight into libraries to bridge the school-home time gap. Echoes of one’s youth.

There are campaigns under way to ‘Save North Yorkshire Libraries’ - and people need to show their appreciation of libraries in every way possible. The consultation document is the main way to represent your views to the county council.

You may be able to speak with senior county council staff at a library ‘drop in’. Note if they write down your points. This is not just an idle ‘brush-by’ chat - or it ought not to be.

Remember: Whether you are signing a petition in Stokesley High Street (and elsewhere) or online at ‘Friends of Bentham Library’ or ‘Save North Yorkshire Libraries’; or speaking to the newspapers (as here) you are trying to avoid having an imposed rump provision from North Yorkshire County Council.

Remember: ‘Save North Yorkshire Libraries’.

John Dean