Cutbacks: Please keep our library service

As an avid library user I am hugely concerned to hear and read about the proposed library cutbacks, both at Scarborough Library and specifically at Scalby Library. I live in the Newby area and visit the library at least three or four times weekly.

It is a much appreciated and well-used resource for people of all ages within the Newby/Scarborough area, catering for the pre-school children with story times, up to pensioners. It willingly facilitates visits from primary school groups.

Computer use can easily be accessed at Scalby Library, and the tea and coffee facilities allow it to be a centre for elderly people who may otherwise be socially isolated. And, of course, it provides a wide range of reference and lending books and DVDs, which are also offered via the outreach service.

The staff at Scalby Library are always welcoming, friendly and helpful, as they are at Scarborough Library. Scalby Library staff willingly promote local social and charity events via the two noticeboards, which again are so useful and interesting to the visiting public.

In short, Scalby Library constantly provides an excellent and very valuable service to the public, which potentially could soon be lost.

The sad fact is, that only when libraries such as Scalby and Scarborough are closed, or drastically cutback, do people realise their value and what fantastic assets they are.

If the proposed cuts in library services are implemented, then not only will valuable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff potentially lose their jobs, but the fantastic, and highly regarded resource of Scalby Library will be lost.

While there is a committed group of volunteers supporting the paid staff, it may be unrealistic to expect them to commit to providing a full time library service.

Lorna Cooper,

Newby, Scarborough