Cutting remarks

RE: “DISMAYED by our grass act”.

I have to totally agree with J Large’s about the haphazard way the council are looking after our grass cuttings.

I was parked just up the road from Newby School on The Green with my wife waiting to pick the kids up from school. Along came a council worker with a blower machine just blowing all the cuttings into the road! Not only was he doing that but blowing the cuttings all over the parked cars as well. With the cuttings being wet they stuck all over the cars. The guy barely looked awake, let alone with us, so to say anything would have been pointless.

There must be someone at the council giving this order, is it because of cuts they cannot afford to dispose of garden waste so they just blow it on to the road to block the drains up! How ironic, trouble with blocked drains at every good rainfall. It would be nice to see the councillor or workman responsible grilled as to why this is happening.

Richard Smith