Cutting the council budget

So the council want iPads.

Our councillors and officers keep telling us they have to save money, and yet they want to buy iPad’s. This does not add up. Either we have money or we do not. The iPads at the figure quoted £400 each means an outlay of £20,000, however that is only the basic cost if they want a better I pad it will cost considerably more, then of course there are the running cost. The council says this will save them £10,000 per year, even at the lowest cost without any maintenance, software etc, and other expenses connected with this, it will take two years before any financial benefit is felt.

However there is a different way that will reduce the £10,000 per year cost of agendas, minutes, postage etc, and that is for councillors to use the lap tops provided, by having all this info sent by email, no cost, councillors are also provided with printers, paper, ink etc, so they could in fact if they wish print their own.

There is no need for postage, another way to save is for councillors to collect them from the Town Hall, and not post these out. Maybe these ideas are too simple, there is no justification of spending our money on these I pads, and then telling us the budgets must be cut, this idea should be thrown out.

Malcolm Short

Murchison Street