Cycle race: Holding back £6.50 of tax

I read with some concern that Scarborough Council would be giving £135,000 towards the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.

Surely a more apt title would have been Tour O’Yorkshire.

I’ve estimated that there are about 20,000 council tax payers in the area which equates to every one of us subsidising this race to the tune of £6.50.

In protest I will withhold my £6.50 from the forthcoming council tax bill and suggest everyone to follow my lead.

This race will be competed for by a bunch of nonentities, watched over by about 0.25 per cent of the local population, and will bring about as much interest and generate about as much business as Snainton water polo third team playing Cayton water polo’s fourth team on a cold miserable day in January in the North Sea.

Furthermore there will be restrictions on certain roads, inconveniencing not only council tax payers but road tax and petrol tax payers too.

Why don’t they have it in a velodrome instead, sponsored by do-gooders!

D Raisin

High Street