Cynthia deserves help

MRS CYNTHIA Todd (formerly Mrs Counsell), founder of the charity, Scarborough Dogs Rehoming Centre, will reach retiring age on Easter Monday.

Speaking for many animals lover in this town, we wish to thank her publicly for the many years of dedicated and ceaseless service she has given to help lost, neglected and abandoned dogs, a large number of which were taken to her by my late father, George Farmer, and tended and nursed back to health by Cynthia and her faithful compassionate friends and then found suitable new homes.

She also ran a charity shop in Dean Road to assist with expenses of this costly enterprise, but had to supplement the income with her own money.

She is one of the unsung heroes of Scarborough, who deserves recognition. Since she has had to retire we wish her a long and happy retirement.

Just one problem remains - Mrs Todd, who has and needs a mobility scooter to get about, cannot use it because it would require being taken down a flight of steps at the front of her house, while at the back of the house which is on level ground, the gate has been blocked by new houses built by a local housing development.

Mrs Todd complained at the time that this was an infringement of her property, but her complaint was ignored.

A new place for the scooter could yet be made at the bottom of the front steps where the scooter could be stored and easily accessed.

This would be a timely gesture of goodwill by the council. We trust that they will kindly consider this in view of all that Mrs Todd did over the years to keep dogs off the roads.

DA Staunton

Esplanade Road