Cynthia deserves recognition

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I AM writing to you in respect of Mrs Cynthia Todd, Scarborough Dog Rehoming Service.

I have known Cynthia since I was 12 years of age, and have needed the use of her service, ie, dog rehoming etc, and so have several of my friends over the past 30 years.

As I understand it is Cynthia’s 65th birthday, I and others are hoping to get some recognition for Cynthia for all the tireless work and effort she has put into rehoming dogs over the past 30 years, saving Scarborough Borough Council the trouble of having to deal with this problem.

Mrs Todd is now retired and has mobility issues, she has a mobility scooter which she is unable to use as she cannot get it out of her garden as she needs the council to cut the opening of her wall, of which we think would be a timely, fitting gesture in lieu of the service she has provided over the years.

Mr RA Rush

Victoria Road