Cynthia is one of a kind

I WISH to express my thanks to you and Mrs Cynthia Todd, plus of course all who donated for the valued assistance in raising funds necessary to pay the veterinary bill for my dog Suzy’s vital life saving operation, without which she would have died at the age of seven years. The operation extended her life by another six years until she finally died of mouth cancer at the age of 13.

Losing a companion (not pet) like Suzy was as heartbreaking as losing a daughter. I should have written this letter years ago and for the oversight I deeply apologise.

I known that Cynthia has now retired from full time campaigning for animal rights due, in part to age but mainly her own ill health and only does it on a part time basis, but I can assure everyone that she is still as vociferous in her zeal for our less fortunate companions and deserves more recognition for her selfless and apparently endless task.

There will only ever be one Cynthia and at the present moment no one has appeared to take her place.

To all she will always be The Dog Lady.

John Dermody

Victoria Road