Dad’s plilght more important than law

I WAS really quite disturbed to read about the legal abduction and threatened deportation of Mano Harakuta separating him from his children, possibly forever (Scarborough Evening News, Saturday May 14).

This man has done everything right. He entered the country legally has always worked and paid his taxes, married, had children, and complied with the law – to his cost.

Presumably he is being deported because he has split up with his wife under some sort of legislation intended to prevent sham marriages being used for immigration purposes.

But this is so clearly not the case here, as is evidenced by his ex-wife’s pleas for the father of her children. I wish I could do something to help.

What I can do is stand up publicly and say “This is wrong!” Laws exist for a purpose. In this case to prevent illegal immigration.

If the legal system cannot recognise when it is acting contrary to that purpose, then the law is not ‘fit for purpose’.

The only reason this seems to be happening is to meet some sort of government immigration quota, and a family has been caught in the middle of it.

Jesus taught again and again, people are more important than laws.

The law exists to serve human flourishing, but here we are sacrificing people to the letter of the law and ignoring the spirit of it.

Could our MP do something to help Mano and his family?

Revd Alastair Ferneley

The Vicarage

High Street