Day of late-running buses was beyond firm’s control

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I AM very sorry your correspondent Mr Dore of Northstead, (letters July 6) was inconvenienced by the very late running of our bus on route three recently.

All our local services in Scarborough were very badly disrupted recently by the closure of York Place in the town centre for emergency sewer repairs. This lasted from June 29 until July 8, although the road was reopened for the weekend, presumably to help local traders. Some of our main town centre bus stops are in York Place and all those buses, and of course all cars which also use York Place, had to be diverted up Westborough towards the traffic lights.

Although the council adjusted the timing of those traffic lights we still suffered major delays because of the volume of diverted traffic, so it was taking most buses several minutes just to get though the Westborough traffic lights at the start of every journey.

Because most local buses make this circuit many times during the course of a day the delays become cumulative and despite our best efforts many of our services ran very late during this period.

It is a pity that Mr Dore doesn’t seem to have contacted us to ask the reason for his late bus before writing to the newspaper and so publicly accusing us of “being extremely inefficient” when the circumstances were clearly beyond our control.

After winning the National Bus Operator of the Year award in 2009, East Yorkshire Motor Services is a finalist for this award again this year and I don’t think we would have achieved these successes by being as inefficient as Mr Dore suggests.

Of course we are not perfect but generally our bus reliability is very good and it concerns us when our services are so badly disrupted for reasons which we cannot do anything about.

Peter Shipp

Chairman and chef executive

EYMS Group Ltd