Days of toasted teacake in the Orange Room

WHAT an interesting letter from Mr Braithwaite. Scarborough had so much.

I lived down Eastborough and worked at W Rowntrees from 1955-1971 (a wonderful time especially with people like Mr Mason organising the displays); we enjoyed toasted teacakes and tea in the Orange Room, coffee was enjoyed in Tonk’s restaurant, my young sister (Brenda Sellers) worked in Woolworths before going to Manchester, we visited the Capital and the Londesbrough every week.

Mr friend worked at the electricity office in Westborough, my husband worked for United and they had yearly dinners at the Balmoral, and I was taken to the Pavilion one Christmas as a thank you for the work done for Mr Mason whilst I worked at Rowntrees. So most of my life is bound up in Westborough.

I feel very strongly about the proposed loss of the Futurist - some of the money spent on the Open Air Theatre and the Spa should have been spent on restoring the Futurist.

And whilst they were updating the Spa why did they not restore the Spa water which I drank every time we went on the sands.

Mrs J Wallington

Harley Close