Defectors should stand for re-election

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RE THE letter by F Robson about our elected councillors, jumping ship as it were.

This, and other defectors, were voted onto our council, because at the time they shared the same values and motions as the electorate in their area, and promised to stand up for the people.

This change of parties could make the voting system a joke, to be abused by any or all councillors.

If these representatives of their area stand as a popular candidate that shares voters’ views, I would think if they want to move to another party they should do the right thing and resign and maybe stand again in a by-election, so their area electors can decide what is right and vote accordingly.

Given the expenses claims fiasco in Parliament, it is high time we had a total re-organisation of the way our towns and country are run.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road