Depot plan costs a cause for concern

RE: MICK Jefferson’s article dated February 15 about our council’s willingness to spend £220,000 on consultants to design a new council depot on Queen Margarets Road.

Like Mick, I am very concerned that a council which is pleading poverty, is quite willing to spend this vast sum, for a plan that will take a matter of a few hours for any architect that work and reside in our town, so who are these expensive architects?

This stupid amount of money and of course the councillors being bought new laptops and maybe now iPads, beggars belief. When our council and others too are pleading poverty, surely the council officers know what is required to replace Dean Road facilities, so why do we need to employ outside firms when we already have council architects in our town hall who don’t seem able to do what is required, that our councillors must believe are not capable to measure the site and draw what will be required, I don’t believe this lack of ability that our laymen of various occupations seem to think at council meetings.

They talk of £220,000 as if it is nothing, unless of course Messrs Tesco are paying for it as part of their purchase price for the Dean Road site.

Possible, but unlikely I think.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road