Depressed by ‘done deal’

Re: Town Hall move.

I went to the meeting regarding the proposed relocation of the Town Hall employees, held in the Royal Hotel. The hall was packed, in fact, people were even standing at the back it was so well attended.

The presentation of this proposed move took approximately an hour and a quarter to get through, which to me seemed a ridiculous length of time, and need not have taken this long had the presenter not kept repeating himself.

I felt the council officials were trying to ‘pad’ out this meeting with lengthy facts, figures and words so the question time (when the public could argue the toss or ask questions) would be then limited. The audience (who were being very well behaved and had hardly made a sound) were also told (in rather a rude fashion by one of the council officials) before the main presentation took place, to not interrupt.

Some of the things I learned about this move surprised me. We were told that if/when this move to the ex-Scarborough Building Society building (near Morrisons) takes place, each employee who is involved in this re-location will be paid ‘disturbance money’ just because they are changing the location of their work place. I am amazed at this snippet of news, and am quite shocked that employees who at present work in the Town Hall, will be given extra money just because their work place has moved to a few miles down the road, not Timbucktoo!

Most of us would be just glad of a job these days, never mind being paid (for four years) compensation because we have had to go to a different office, not far away. This is disgusting and using rate payers money in a very bad way.

We were also informed that a consultancy company (yet again the council is throwing lots of money at consultants to do things they could, and should, do themselves!) had been employed to work out how much, on average, each council worker spent in the town centre each week, to see what the economical impact on town centre shops would be.

The consultants found out that each employee spends, on average, £49 per week, and concluded that this amount would have a minimal impact on the area. Surely the council could have worked that one out for themselves, without spending more thousands of pounds on employing, as usual, an expensive consultant.

I came away from this meeting feeling that this proposed move is certainly a ‘done deal’ despite the council officials protestations that ‘nothing has been decided yet’ and also felt that they were just paying us ‘lip service’. I personally concluded that, in general, Scarborough people are being treated very arrogantly by some of these council representatives.

I had hoped to leave this meeting reassured, but left feeling depressed. I think these council officials just tell us what they think we want to hear, and then do what they want anyway.

J Cannon

Harvest Way