Development conditions should not be removed

THE LATEST move by Barratt Homes with regard to the proposed development in Cayton is to try to remove conditions 21, 25 and 30 as below:

21: No development shall take place until details of the proposed means of disposal of foul and surface water drainage, including details of any balancing works and off-site works have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. All foul drainage trenches shall be lined with a minimum of one metre of engineered clay and impermeable liner in order to provide a double lined system.

Furthermore, occupation of the development shall not commence until the approved drainage works have been constructed in accordance with the approved plans.

Reason: To ensure that the development can be properly drained and to protect public water supply in accordance with policies C7 and E11 of the Scarborough Borough Local Plan.

25: The development hereby permitted shall not be commenced until such time as a scheme to attenuate the surface water run-off to the Greenfield rate (1.41/s/ha) has been submitted to, and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. This should include the proposed cut-off drain to the northern boundary of the site. The scheme shall be fully implemented and subsequently maintained, in accordance with the timing/phasing arrangements embodied within the scheme, or within any other period as may subsequently be agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

Reason: To prevent flooding by ensuring the satisfactory storage and disposal of surface water from the site in accordance with Policy C7 of the Scarborough Borough Local Plan and the advice contained in PPS25.

30: There shall be no foul water discharge to the public sewer until a feasibility study is undertaken to identify the works required to increase the capacity of the local foul sewerage network. The study shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Furthermore, no foul water discharges into the network shall take place until the approved sewer reinforcement works have been implemented.

Reason: To ensure that there is no increased risk to sewer flooding to existing houses and no material risk to the new houses and consequent pollution of the aquatic environment or loss of amenity to the general public arising as a result of the development in accordance with Policies C7 and E11 of the Scarborough Borough Local Plan.

These matters we feel must not be removed.

KE Woonton


Cayton Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens