Dinner: Consider what is on the plate

We’re old enough to remember when Christmas was 12 days long not 10 weeks!

Fortunately, although the season may have started long ago in the supermarkets and TV adverts, there is still time to make up your mind about the main item for your dinner on the big day.

Perhaps you might go for duck this year. Following the recent outbreak of avian influenza among ducks in East Yorkshire you probably saw those pictures on the news of thousands of ducks crammed into factory farm sheds. Not a puddle of water in sight though the word ‘duck’ and ‘pond’ seem almost inseparable.

What a miserable short life they have when you compare them with those lovely ducks we see on our beautiful Peasholm Park, wild birds which you or your children have probably enjoyed feeding.

Whether it is duck, turkey or the humble chicken that takes your fancy for this year’s celebration, please make it a free-range bird and not one of the unfortunate creatures mass-produced in a factory system.

Or, like a growing number of people, you may even decide that a vegetarian banquet will be more appropriate to the season of kindness and goodwill.

D and A Nunns

Newby Farm Court