Dismayed by our grass act

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The season of grass cutting is upon us, so here is a question. If I emptied the contents of my wheelie bins across the pavement or road what would the council think about it? I think the answer would be clean it up or risk a fine.

I live and work at Eastfield and on driving home last week I have been outraged at the sight and mess of grass cuttings across footpaths and in gutters at the road edges.

Only Scarborough Borough Council do this type of cutting where the grass is just chopped, and that’s it. I have noticed that Housing Associations who do grass cutting on the estate collect the cuttings and sweep footpaths and tidy up... as it should be.

I like many pay Council Tax for services, and I expect a good quality service, not a shoddy one. Eastfield estate looks as if people don’t care about their environment when grass cutting takes place, and I think our Parish Councillors should get onto this problem fast.

This happens every year and I for one want an end to it, we should not put up with it, many residents in Eastway cut the verges themselves to stop the mess. I wonder do they get a rebate on their Council Tax for the correct grass cutting service they give to make the environment look nice?

J Large

Shire Croft