Diversions even after the work has been done

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I am sure there appears to be a noticable growing trend around Scarborough’s streets with workmen arriving on site and unloading their various health and safety signs, cones, fencing and other equipment.

They complete their works after a lengthy period leaving their “Road Closed”, “Diversion Ahead”, ”Footpath Closed” signage.

This can lead to motorists becoming confused as to whether a road is actually closed, the majority ignoring it and driving through regardless.

An example of this I noticed recently driving from Seamer Road to Stoney Haggs Rise where a “Road Closed” sign was situated for several days unnecessarily, despite the new roundabout works in Seamer completed.

Clearly workmen do not check all their signage and cones are removed after their works are finished, and our streets and footpaths are becoming cluttered with these signs which are getting smashed and placed maliciously in areas to cause a nuisance or danger to others. I am sure many friends of our parks who have litter picking volunteer groups have noticed this.

Only recently I witnessed plastic pedestrian safety fences dumped on the South Bay beach and behind St Nicholas Gardens toilets. The cost of replacing these should be realised by the workmen and I feel we all should be made more aware of who to contact to address this issue.

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive