Diving Belle and Bathing Belle are a credit to artist

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REGARDING the various pieces of sculpture which we have in Scarborough and in particular the exchange of letters between Kane Cunningham and Adrian Perry.

I do not profess to have any great knowledge of art but I do know that both the Diving Belle and the Bathing Belle really appeal to me. While they may not appeal to the art ‘purist’, surely beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder and, who knows, Craig Knowles may one day become accepted as ‘world class’!

Finally, I must congratulate Mrs Maureen Robinson on her magnificent donations to both Scarborough and Filey.

I totally agree with her that ‘Freddie’ should remain exactly where he is - gazing out from North Bay at the passing crowds, the rolling waves and the often magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

To have him in the pedestrian precinct would be a disaster!

Ian Beaton

Queen Margaret’s Road