Does anybody know Emma Craven Carroll?

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MAY I request through your Evening News readers, whether anybody is able to give us information which might help us to make contact with one of our shareholders - currently untraceable. Her name is Mrs Emma Craven Carroll. Her last known address is 1725 Staunton Avenue, Lakeland, Florida 33803. The previous address was 4177 39th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216. Her sister, now known to be deceased, was Eunice Craven Houck. Their father was B Lodge Craven. We know that the shares (non-dividend) had previously been held by Claude Eliot Nelson who died August 14, 1969. He had named Mr B Lodge Craven as his sole executor but Mr Craven had predeceased Mr Nelson.

Mrs Eunice Craven Houck, last known address 1812 Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 and Mrs Carroll, with the permission of the Liberal Club House Company, received the transferred shares in August 1973.

It seems likely that Claude Eliot Nelson was a Scarborough man. However he received his shares in 1919. It is also in our records that it appears he was resident in Cardiff at the time of his death.

Our efforts, including one of the directors searching the internet, have been in vain. We hope somebody reading this is able to give us a lead.

Diana Tasker

Secretary, Scarborough Liberal Clubhouse Company

Belgrave Crescent