Dog fouling: Arrogance of some owners

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I have just read your letter of the week (Scarborough News, November 28), and completely agree with Mr Lester on the condition of North Marine Road.

We at the Residents and Friends of Trafalgar Square have a constant battle with dog owners who consider it above them to clean up after their dogs, and are so arrogant that on one occasion a ‘dog lover’ deposited mess on top of the bin for someone else to clean up.

North Marine Road does not have grass/soil to assist in the breakdown of doggie deposits and the pathway is constantly covered with fresh offerings, which have been walked in and spread in the street. It is a daily occurrence. Why is this illegal situation allowed to continue?

Members of the public who witness this antisocial behaviour should report it to the dog warden via Scarborough First on (01723) 232323.

Martin Whelan

Trafalgar Square