Dog fouling: clean up everywhere!

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I fully support your campaign to get all dog owners to clean up their dogs’ mess.

I would like to point out that this should be done everywhere, not only in the obvious places such as streets and parks. In my ward, and others, there are terraces of houses with back alleys giving access to the back yards. No-one should allow their dog to leave mess there, nor dump rubbish, so that everyone who lives there can use the alley for its intended purpose.

Moreover, if you allow your dog to foul in your own yard or garden, please clean it up frequently because otherwise it is very unpleasant for the neighbours and it encourages flies.

Like other councillors, I frequently receive complaints on this subject which I deal with as best I can, but ultimately we have to get the message across about hygiene and respect for others.

Dilys Cluer

Green Party councillor, Stepney Ward

Alexandra Park