Doing the dirty on the genuine needy

YOUR REPORTERS took an interesting initiative in seeking public reaction to the planned public service strikes.

There is really no need for alarm, as the government will chicken out, just as it has done with virtually every other initiative it has taken.

Unfortunately, I can foresee that the one major change that will survive is the plan for a flat rate state pension for all.

This will mean that in about four years, someone who has worked hard all of their life, paying income tax and National Insurance, will retire on the updated equivalent of £95 a week, and the following year, an individual who has never done a stroke of work, and has spent their time sponging off the taxpayer, will get £140 a week.

Pensioners can’t go on strike, and they don’t have loud-mouthed rabble-rousers shouting sound bites into television reporters’ microphones, so the Government will be able to do the dirty on this country’s genuinely deserving and needy.

I had high hopes of this government, but I regret that it has proved to be a coalition of the weak-kneed, who are prepared to cower before the nation’s slogan-shouters and bullies.

Richard James

Esplanade Gardens