Don’t blame the peregrine falcons

I HAVE just read the ridiculous letter from Mr Harwood of Glasgow re Scarborough’s much prized peregrine falcons causing the gulls to come into town and apparently pointing the finger at the RSPB!

Gulls have made this town their habitat for thousands of years before the peregrines started nesting on the cliffs about five years ago. That’s life by the sea! The problem is only made worse by those who deliberately feed gulls (and pigeons) in the town. This has been said so many times.

I can recommend everyone to go along to the temporary RSPB project area on Marine Drive on Thursdays to Sundays, depending on weather, to see the wonderful spectacle the peregrines and their young are displaying. There are knowledgeable staff and volunteers with scopes and binoculars to help you. Anyone can see that, in spite of the falcons, there are many, many happily nesting kittiwakes. They know the risks but make the cliffs their home of choice. The falcons mainly eat pigeons which are much easier for them and provide a constant family buffet!

I note that Mr Harwood also demonises sparrowhawks and crows! Wild creatures have always preyed on each other. That’s nature and his assertion that the raptors are being given too much favour is so so wrong.

They suffer from constant human persecution - deliberate or accidental - and most are seriously endangered.

At first I felt his letter was just too stupid to merit the time to reply but I was so angry I couldn’t leave it!

Sue Kennedy

Ashville Avenue