Don’t eat dog - go veggie instead

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SHOULD WE be eating dogs in Britain? In Korea and some other Asian countries dogs are considered a good source of protein.

Although UK residents are likely to be shocked at the thought, why is it considered wrong to eat dogs yet acceptable to eat cows, pigs, chickens and other animals? This is the question that national campaign group Animal Aid is asking during March, which is designated national Veggie Month.

Of course, rather than adding dog to the menu, Animal Aid is urging the British public to recognise that pigs and sheep are not so different from the dogs and cats who share our homes, and instead to try a meat-free diet. It is the best way to stop animals suffering – something that simply cannot be avoided on farms and in slaughterhouses – and it can be a great boost to our health, too.

For more information and a free Guide to Going Veggie visit or tel: 01732 364546.

Kelly Slade

Veggie Month Co-ordinator