Donations: Charity stalls were super!

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Whilst defending Mrs Thornton’s right to quiet enjoyment of her shopping experience devoid of the unwanted attention of charity collectors in stores (Scarborough News, March 13), I would say that my recent experiences of fundraising collectors have been no more than delightful.

When accompanying my wife to the New Look store in Scarborough we noted a stall of homemade cakes on offer for a modest charity donation. I was assured by a young lady that the cakes had been made by members of staff in their own time with ingredients bought by themselves.

A week earlier I had popped into the Lord Rosebery for a lunchtime pint where a similar cake stall had been set up by a couple of Yorkshire’s finest white roses on behalf of another local sponsorship appeal.

In these days where our young come under so much harsh criticism from their elders I found these initiatives so heartwarming. So well done young ‘uns!

As Mrs Thornton will be aware as an established fundraiser there are strict regulations in force to prevent any harassment of the public by charity collectors. Even the time honoured practice of “tin rattling” is now officially frowned upon so she should be able to shop without fear.

In conclusion ... the cakes themselves? Delicious - worthy of Mary Berry’s approval!

Paul Harrison

Windmill Drive