Double whammy

RE: HOSPITAL Hospital Parking and Tesco

I wrote to the Director of Facilities at the Hospital Trust following your report about hospital parking on Friday January 28.

Recently my husband had an out-patient appointment, and we paid for two hours parking.

The clinic was actually running 1½ hours behind time when we got there, and by the time he was called to see the consultant it was 1¾ hours past the time when he should have been seen.

So by the time we left we were more than hour past the time for which we had paid. Spokespeople for the hospital say that in such cases one can appeal against a parking ticket, but why should we have to go through all that further stress? Surely, if a person can take written proof from the clinic that the overstay is down to the hospital, not the patient, then the ticket could be cancelled immediately?

An official form could easily be devised to cover this eventuality, and the ‘parking attendant’ should have the authority to cancel any ticket issued under these circumstances.

Better still, if the attendant has a radio or official mobile phone, the clinic could let him/her know the situation. It’s not rocket science, though I am sure there are plenty of people who will think of reasons not to do the common sense thing.

Also, re Tesco’s proposed development superstore in Dean Road.

When I viewed their plans at the Oasis Centre I was told all the people likely to be affected by this development - its position, their business, their home - would be contacted. Those of us who live opposite where this store will be situated, but just down the side roads, were not contacted at all. When I rang Customer First about it, they said notices with details of how to object would soon be going on the lamp posts. To date I have not seen any and the closing date is supposed to be February 7.

There are several businesses in the vicinity of this proposed store who may feel they are safe because Tesco’s business and theirs do not overlap. Perhaps they should take note of an item in the Daily Mail of Thursday February 3, which reports that Tesco has opened two trial outlets called ‘Your Beauty Salon’ in their superstores in Leicester and Chesterfield. Though scepticism is expressed by a retail expert about the take up for such services as ‘value haircuts, manicures’, etc., it just shows that there is no stopping this organisation’s thirst for expansion. Do we really want to be left with only one store in town providing everything? That’s not the competition the council keeps harping on about; that’s a monopoly.

Patricia McNaughton

Trafalgar Road