Doubts over care home at Tesco site

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RE: FRONT page, Saturday June 18, Tesco plans to build new care home etc.

How many times have we seen large companies promise something that the town needs to secure planning permission for what they really want.

It happens every time and our council fall for it time and time again. Look no further than the Sands development.

If Tesco are given planning permission for the Dean Road site we will never see the “huge new care home and assisted living apartments” on Westwood site, you can bet on it, I think.

The sensible site for a superstore would be adjacent to the Park and Ride sites, where visitors could park, shop and visit the town centre, beaches etc and keep the town centre roads clear of excessive traffic, which I thought the Park and Ride schemes were supposed to do.

JD Naylor

Malvern Crescent