Dreaded wheelie bins a blot on the landscape

SCARBOROUGH COUNCIL and its officers in charge of environmental services must live in a world where the weather is fine and calm all the time.

Most, if not all, residents put their bins out for collection in the mornings, why?

The main reason, wind, and the mess rubbish makes when bins are toppled over in bad windy conditions, and the fact there are some idiots about who just for a laugh push over bins in the middle of the night.

It is nice to see Scarborough Borough Council using the refuse service as a wake-up call at 5am, and in the evenings the trucks making their noisy way around the streets up to 10pm at night.

We used to have once-a-week collections, one dustbin wagon, a crew, who used to collect your bin, and yes, put it back, now that was a service. Today the residents have to sort the rubbish into different bins, and put the bins out for collection, and risk a fine if you leave bins out on the street.

Using fewer vehicles to save money, I don’t agree, and the council will be paying shift premiums to its employees because of this move, and putting a heavy strain on the refuse trucks themselves.

They could come to the end of their working life before they have to, and to buy new wagons at what cost?

Finally, how much has it cost the council for the array of coloured wheelie bins, now taking up more room in back alleys, fronts of houses, back yards, etc ... a big sum I’ll bet.

If there is one sure thing that every town and city has it’s the dreaded wheelie bins, they are a blot on the landscape.

J Large

Shire Croft