Drivers are helping to fill the potholes!

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For months driving round the town I, like many other drivers, have been playing the game of dodge the pot-hole. Some shallow ones and some deep enough to cause possible damage to one’s suspension.

This last week on my regular runs I note that someone has been round filling them in. Instead of holes we now have small ramps to negotiate.

It begs belief that the remedial work to the pot-holes has actually been allowed to remain as they have been filled in and left. It appears that asphalt has just been thrown in the holes and a roller has quickly gone over it once leaving the infill well proud of the actual road surface.

One has to draw the conclusion that the council expect the public to roll the infill to the road level.

Surely these supposed repairs are not just temporary prior to a full road resurface.

PJS Waller

Woodville Ave