Drivers in peril due to state of our roads

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HERE WE are in the midst of the worst financial squeeze that anyone has experienced in a long time. A time that calls for ‘inspirational’ not ‘aspirational’ ideas, a change in how local and central government handle and plan business plans.

Does anyone really believe at this time of cutbacks that the rerouting of the A64 is going get the go ahead?

And there’s not a mention of cost. I bet they haven’t a clue and if they do have a figure it will inflate way beyond its original estimation within weeks of any work commencing.

Apart from the cost of building or constructing the plans how much has it cost to produce this unnecessary ‘blueprint’?

They should be redirecting their attentions to the existing roads and the appalling condition, what plans have they for the proper repair of our roads. Some of them, no a lot of them, are nothing short of dangerous.

The most likely response would of course be based on the worst winter and cost.

The state of our roads is more than an inconvenience, they present a physical danger to all. Cyclists can’t possibly navigate our roads safely with the holes.

Motorists are pushed further into the centre of the road and thereby presenting a danger from traffic coming in the opposite direction.

John Pawson

Greylands Park Drive